After the booking you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link and the ingredient list. Click on the link at the right day and time and we’ll meet to cook together.

The cost is per device, not per person.
For example if you and your partner are together at home you only need to buy one ticket. Do you have kids? Still the same price!

Absolutely! This unique experience will strengthen your employes and the best part is that they will keep on cooking our pasta at home for their families remembering that day for a long time.

If kids under 10 years old are with their parents this is perfect and fun for them.
If alone better older than 10 years old and depending on the recipe we are cooking.

Not at all! This class is for everyone, I’ll be guide you step by step and at the end of the event you’ll have a perfect handmade pasta dish ready to be eaten!

Nope, traditional Italian pasta is made with simple tools as we used to do hundreds of years ago. A pasta machine is not necessary.

You can gather your friends from all over the world and do something unforgettable together.
And at the end at the event you can eat with your friends what you have prepared!

This is a perfect place to be because you are going to cook for yourself and it would be very simple to replace what you can’t eat. Of course I can help you with that!

Want something private?
Gather your family or bring your friends together!