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Are you looking for something special for your employees? Amaze your team with something new: organize a cooking experience.

A moment of sharing and team building and, at the same time, useful and fun.

Learning to cook together will become a memory to remember with a smile and to repeat in everyday life, also at home with families.

There are many companies that have already chosen Pasta Pietro for their corporate initiatives including some of the top I.T. companies, consultant, law firms, finance, universities and many others. Their purpose? Let their team take part in an event with a high educational value, authentic, funny and entertaining.

Choose a cooking class and contact us for further information: together we will build the experience that best suits your needs.

The Family Meal

Relaxing, connecting, homely

In a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere, each participant will be guided and involved in the making of a traditional handmade pasta.

Talking, sharing and connecting is the key of The Family Meal.

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The Great Journey

Fascinating, instructive and dynamic

A journey through Italy and its taste, narrating the territories starting from the table. From north to south, the real protagonist is pasta, spiced up with anecdotes and stories.

Put your cooking skills into play and learn all the secrets of Italian cuisine.

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