“What Pasta are you made of?”

To describe Pietro Visconti, the founder of PastaPietro, we’ll start from the most recent fact:  when Covid-19 arrived Pietro was determined to find new paths and solutions, pushing harder to deliver his cooking experiences.

Over the past 4 years Pietro has successfully organised cooking experiences, show-cookings and team buildings for more than 5000 certified people.  He has now transformed all of this into a LIVE Online Experience.

About PastaPietro

Pietro was born and raised in Milan as an only child in a family that had people over for dinner every day.
His passion for home cooking comes from both parents.  His love for people comes from his father and while his mother made him a dreamer. 

During university, he spent a semester in England, working as a part time chef in an Italian restaurant: there, he was the only Italian and learned everything he didn’t want to do in a kitchen. 
Returning to Italy he started a career in HR, developing training projects in a small company.  Although Pietro decided to leave his job and take a full year to travel Australia, Asia and Central America, he considers this background invaluable to his newest chapter in life. This experience also taught him how little the world knew about Italian food! 

About PastaPietro Online Live Events

“If people like packaged pasta and factory made sauces so much, what would they think about the real thing?”

Settling back in Italy once again, Pietro joined a satirical TV show as a member of the directory area. This added to his prior work and life experience are the fundamentals of his entertaining and educational events.

Pietro has travelled from the Alps to the sea of Sicily, from Rome to Florence, from Verona to Venice speaking to grandmothers all across his country, learning cooking skills and techniques that have been passed down for generations by his ancestors: how to make authentic homemade pasta. 

“Every region, every city, every town and every street in Italy has its own food tradizione.”

His mission became suddenly clear: sharing all these traditions, techniques, feelings and stories.

“Around a table we cook, eat and share our different stories. Each third strengthens the other”