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Cacio & Pepe

PastaPietro Online Live Experience Fettuccine Cacio e Pepe

Rome masterpiece will surprise your palate and your friends when you’ll unroll fettuccine in front of them!


PastaPietro Online Live Experience Lasagna
More than 2000 years ago Horace wrote about this pasta. Few years ago my grandma was making it, then my mom, now me… Are you going to be the next?

with green vegetables

PastaPietro Online Live Experience Orecchiette

Porous, little, bowly, rounded, tricky, welcoming, all this and much more for describing this tremendous pasta from the south!

with Ragù Bolognese

PastaPietro Tagliatelle

This is a masterpiece of Italy.
Making tagliatelle is as satisfying as winning a lottery, you’ll get reach inside.

with Pesto Trapanese

PastaPietro Busiate Event

The most famous and ancient pasta from Sicily with their unique pesto! The fathers of nowadays fusilli are some of the funniest pasta to make. 

with Pesto Genovese

PastaPietro Gnocchi
Nonna Gianna’s secrets for gnocchi. Fresh ingredients and slow gestures for pesto. The result is an unforgettable dish.


PASTAPIETRO - Canederli Experience

From the heart of the Dolomite’s mountains let’s keep exploring our infinite variety of pasta!


PASTAPIETRO - Cappelletti Experience

From the hands of  sfogline to the kitchens around all the globe: the precise beauty of one of the most loved filled pasta.

Caprese cake

PastaPietro Online Live Experience Caprese Cake
One cake, a thousand legends. Born from a mistake, the typical Neapolitan dessert is among the most popular sweet.


PastaPietro Online Live Experience Tiramisù
Want to impress your guest? Conclude dinner with the most iconic Italian dessert.

Each recipe come with a vegetarian option

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